Research Conference

Africa’s struggle for independence was largely driven by a desire to wean herself off exogenous solutions, ideas, and systems. In keeping with this desire, different political and economic platforms such as the African Union (AU) and various Regional Economic Communities (RECs), were formed to safeguard and promote the interests of Africans. Over the years, however, the dream of building a self-reliant Africa, capable of generating its own ideas and resolving its own challenges, has lost momentum. The continent continues to rely heavily on international development assistance in critical areas, such as health, education, and security. While Africa has not realized its dream of providing solutions to its problems, it has made some notable progress. The impressive prevention of Ebola outbreak in Nigeria through mainly local efforts, with minimal international support; and the development of M-pesa, a world-renowned microfinancing service, by a Kenyan mobile network operator, point to the importance of solving African issues with African solutions. The 2017 LSE Africa Summit seeks to expand these expand home-grown and inclusive solutions to reshape Africa’s poor development trajectory.

This 4th LSE Africa Summit will thus focus on the theme: “Built for Africa: African Solutions to African Issues?”. The research conference will be held in London on March 31, 2017. The conference will bring together top-tier researchers from around the world and high-level policymakers to advance dialogue on Africa’s developmental issues. It is intended to improve the feedback loop between researchers who produce knowledge and policymakers who rely on policy relevant and timely evidence-based research to make decisions. The conference will be feature parallel sessions based on contributed papers and projected presentations. These will be complemented by debates and keynote speeches by renowned speakers from academia, government, and practitioners. The conference will conclude with a policy roundtable session focused on distilling core messages for a policy-focused audience.

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