Maudo Jallow, Co-Director (Business Conference)

Maudo Jallow studies African Development and hails from The Gambia. Maudo is incredibly passionate about the African continent and its citizens, which is what motivated him to join the 2017 LSE Africa Summit team. It is his aspiration to work on the continent after his degree, making the Summit a good place to get prepared!

Ghadeer Mansour, Co-Director (Business Conference)

Ghadeer Mansour hails from Egypt and the USA. She studies City Design and Social Science. Ghadeer expects the Summit to amplify the energy of those it brings together, thereby bringing ideas to life.


Efua Kumea Asibon, Co-Director (Research Conference)

Efua Kumea Asibon, from Ghana, studies International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies. She believes that the Summit serves as a platform for scintillating and fruitful discussions on African issues. Efua trusts that participants will be challenged to further develop the ideas that emerge from the conference, into robust solutions and systems for Africa.


Eustace Uzor, Co-Director (Research Conference)

Eustace Uzor, from Nigeria, studies Development Studies. Being part of the 2017 LSE Africa Summit Team, to him, is an opportunity to participate in improving the uptake of evidence-based research to policy-making in Africa.



Olivia Vandeputte, Head of Media and Communications

Olivia Vandeputte is a Development Studies student from Belgium. She thinks the LSE Africa Summit is unique in many ways and inspires people to learn from each other. This, to her, is the way forward, both for the African continent and the world. Olivia is especially excited to be a part of such a dynamic 2017 team!



Adaobi Oni-Egboma, Media Relations Coordinator

Adaobi (Ada) Oni-Egboma studies African Development. She is from Nigeria, and was motivated to join the Summit team because she wanted to be a part of a group of Africans seeking for change within the continent. Ada thinks the LSE Africa Summit provides an amazing platform where like-minded individuals can discuss and learn from business leaders, dignitaries, researchers, and start thinking critically about ways forward for Africa.

Althea Wamiru, Media Relations Coordinator

Althea Wamiru, from Kenya, studies Global Media and Communication. The Summit themes from previous years greatly interested her, and motivated her to join this year’s ranks.

Linet Juma, Media Relations Coordinator

Linet Juma is currently studying in Media, Communication and Development. She is from Kenya, and she hopes that the summit will encourage more narratives, discussions and research on home-grown solutions for African issues.


Anu Alamutu, Speaker Coordinator

Anu Alamutu is a Nigerian Law student. She joined the team because of her desire to make a positive, lasting impact by helping to change the global perception of the African continent. She believes that the Summit achieves this by providing a relevant forum for discussion solutions to Africa’s pertinent issues.



Helene Berhane, Speaker Coordinator

Helene Berhane, from Ethiopia, studies International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies. Helene believes the Summit offers the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, and is confident that the LSE Africa Summit 2017 will exceed everyone’s expectations!

Kulé Galma, Speaker Coordinator

Kulé Galma, a Kenyan Accounting and Finance student, has great hopes for the African continent. She dreams of Africa united by self-sufficient people who are free from the chains of impecuniousness. The “Built for Africa” theme, she says, challenges us to think critically and offer fresh perspectives and solutions, fueling poverty alleviation and driving economic development in Africa.



Khoudia Taree Gadio, Speaker Coordinator

Khoudia Taree Gadio is a Senegalese Accounting and Finance student. She joined the Summit team to meet young Africans that share the same passion for the continent as she does. Khoudia also hopes to meet and engage with key stakeholders and policy influencers.

Majeed Musah, Speaker Coordinator

Majeed Musah is currently studying Development Management. Majeed is from Ghana and is passionate about aiding the coalescence of individuals from diverse sectors to create African solutions. He expects to learn how these can be triggered, by both discourse and engagement from diverse key actors.


Amandla Uzoka-Jarrett, Speaker Coordinator

Amandla Uzoka-Jarrett hails from Britain, Nigeria and Jamaica. She studies Public Policy and Administration. Amandla is very interested in African development and aims to learn more about research and development issues. By joining the Summit team, she hopes to network with a diverse range of fellow passionate individuals.



Paula Owino, Head of Logistics

Paula Owino is an African Development student from Kenya. She was motivated to join the Summit team because she truly believes the narrative associated with Africa needs to be changed. Paula sees the Summit as a way for her to show that Africa is much more than the “hopeless” continent it is often portrayed to be.



Jonas Jelinek, Deputy Head of Logistics

Jonas Jelinek hails from the Czech Republic. As an African Development student, he is excited to take part in the 2017 LSE Africa Summit, one of the largest and most exciting conferences of its kind.




Akyeamaa Akyeampong, Logistics Coordinator

Akyeamaa Akyeampong is a British-Ghanaian Development Management student. Akyeamaa joined the 2017 LSE Africa Summit team with a desire to celebrate the work being achieved in Africa today. The continent, she says, has a lot to offer, and Akyeamaa believes that the Summit will lead to the exchange of powerful ideas.



Chelsea Madryga, Logistics Coordinator

Chelsea Madryga currently studies African Development and comes from Canada. She loves working with people and learning from their experiences; the LSE Africa Summit allows her to do both! Chelsea hopes to continue learning whilst networking with her peers, researchers and academics from all over the world.



Halimat Oyetola, Logistics Coordinator

Halimat Oyetola is a Finance student from Nigeria. She believes the Summit is so great because it creates a platform for young future leaders to discuss with present leaders and scholars, in order to support and proffer solutions for tangible growth within Africa.




Business Development

Suki Annan, Head of Business Development

Suki Annan is an African Development student. As a Ghanaian and part of the diaspora, Suki is a believer of all things “African” and the need to empower each other. She joined the 2017 LSE Africa Summit team to be a part of a conference that pushes Africa to the forefront of the global agenda. Suki believes that the Summit will lead to the creation of innovative ideas, promoting thorough discussion about solving African issues.


Fadekemi (Fadeh) Abiru, Head of Finance

Fadekemi (Fadeh) Abiru is a British-Nigerian African Development student. She is excited to be a part of the LSE Africa Summit, as it is an initiative that involves Africans steering the conversation about the African continent.

Avelino Chimbulo, Business Development Coordinator

Avelino Chimbulo, from Angola, studies African Development. He expects the Summit to be an outstanding and impactful event for the African community. Avelino joined the team because he believes that we must all contribute to Africa’s development. He’s doing his share by building for Africa!



Keleenna Onyeaka, Business Development Coordinator

Keleenna Onyeaka is a Nigerian Finance student. He wants to be a part of the Summit’s legacy as it continues to be a robust platform for conversations that propel Africa forward. He, himself, hopes to contribute to the prosperity of the continent in his own ways as well.